Monday, December 10, 2007

Jose: "No way"

I am a lifelong Chelsea fan (my Mum is from Battersea), so Jose Mourinho ranks high in my pantheon of heroes. I never thought I would live to see them win the league and, thanks to Jose, they did it twice.

So I have mixed feelings about the news that Jose has ruled himself out of the running for the England job.

From England's point of view I think it is a shame, in that he was a superb tactician. I cannot remember another manager who was so ready to change formation during a game if things were not working.

But from Jose's point of view, I think it is probably the right decision. He will not have to deal with the British press and he will not have to face the frustration of only being able to work with his players every few months.

So the Jose legend will stay intact. Personally, I believe he is asleep in a cave under Stamford Bridge and will return at Chelsea's hour of greatest need.

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