Sunday, December 02, 2007

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Clegg and Huhne (or is it Huhne and Clegg?)

And so our week with Rutland's most celebrated peer draws to a close...

Whom should I meet at a café on the Great North Road but Huhne and Clegg? One is on his way to a television interview: the other is on his way home from a constituency dinner. I cannot recall which was to be interviewed and which had just dined, but then I often have trouble recalling which is Clegg and which is Huhne.

Our conversation turns to the annoying way that both the Labour and the Conservative parties have been thieving our policies of late. "What we need, gentlemen," I say banging the formica-topped table to emphasise my point, "is policies that no other party will want to steal." I trust that my point is taken.

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