Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Parenting and moral relativism

Fascinating stuff from Sinclair's Musings:

Parental will is weak because of relativism. Though they want the best for their children they feel guilty about placing any stricture upon their behaviour. They have spent a lifetime being told that to be judgemental is the worst kind of sin. In the adult sphere they are expected not to tolerate every moral choice but to go way beyond that bar and treat them as equal.

As a result they don't feel at all credible themselves when confronting their children and telling - for example - their nine year-old that dressing like Christina Aguilera isn't remotely appropriate. The language of 'appropriate' and 'inappropriate' feels archaic.

When facing a pestering child parents who have lost the very idea of right and wrong have no answer to their claims that standing out will be inconvenient. They will choose the path of least resistance. As so many have chosen that path of least resistance being the exceptional parent becomes ever more difficult.

I am reminded of my own comment on children, mobile phones and scares over their safety:
the reason that we worry about children having mobile phones is not safety at all. It is because we feel that it is somehow not fitting that they should have them. They are too young. But to say so sounds so hopelessly old-fashioned that we treat it as a question of safety instead.
Thanks to Westminster Wisdom.

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Ronak Shah said...

Yes, we do give our children a lot of freedom by giving them cell phones because they arent matured enough to use them well enough especially when they are still 13-14 years of age..

It can disturb their mental balance is what I think..