Thursday, December 27, 2007

Nick Clegg, God and the truth

This is bizarre. Truly bizarre.

From The Bolton News:

Bolton Council chief Cllr Cliff Morris says new Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg made "a big mistake" in telling a radio show he did not believe in God.

Mr Clegg answered "no" when asked the question in a rapid-fire BBC Radio 5 Live interview.

But Cllr Morris, a committed evangelical Christian, who is an Elder at the Hebren Christian Church in Mayor Street, said: "I think he has made a big mistake and I don't know why he has said it."

The only interpretation I can put upon Cllr Morris's words is that he believes that Nick should not have answered the question truthfully.

If that is where being a "committed evangelical Christian" gets you, I am glad I am an atheist.


Anonymous said...

I expect Cliff Morris was getting some stick in his church. As an evangelical, he should prefer an honest atheist to a dishonest hypocrite.

Check out Mr Gladstone's viewpoint:

Anonymous said...

Does it matter what he says

GaffaUK said...

It is curious how some illiberal some liberals can be. Surely freedom of religion (including lack of faith) has to be a key fundamental to Liberalism? And politically we are effectively in a multifaith secular society despite State and Church not being seperate.