Sunday, January 13, 2008

Clive Gregson and Christine Collister: I Specialise

When I was a district councillor back in the 1980s (I was only 14 when I was elected) I served on the IBA committee which oversaw the Leicester commercial radio station Leicester Sound.

One of the programmes I got into the habit of listening to was John Shaw's Here Be Dragons on Sunday evenings. Shaw (who is still around on Smooth FM) played a lot of folk and world music, and this is a record I remember from that time. Collister has a wonderful voice and the song's bleak sentiments appeal to me.

There is more on Gregson and Collister for those who want it. And you get a second song ("It's All Just Talk") with this video too.

Later. Not any more you don't. I have had to change the video after the first one disappeared from Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this,I had somehow overlooked them---tracks are available at eMusic so you've given them some extra sales in my case.

Both links lead to Gregson incidentally.

Tristan said...

She also worked with Richard Thompson (and sometimes stands in for Sandy Denny with Fairport...)

When I get a record deck I should dig out my father's copy of one of their records.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thank you, Anon. I have fixed the Christine Collister link.

Paul Linford said...

Interesting to hear you're a fan. I saw Gregson and Collister on tour in 1988 and they were amazing.