Saturday, January 12, 2008

From Clee to heaven the beacon burns

Photo by Sabine J Hutchinson
The BBC reports:

The South Shropshire Hills celebrate their fiftieth anniversary as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) this year.

Beacons are to be lit on the Long Mynd and Brown Clee on Sunday 13 January as the first of several special events.

Which seems like a good reason for reproducing another lovely photograph from Virtual Shropshire.

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Anonymous said...

' . All night from tower to tower they sprang; they sprang from hill to hill:
Till the proud Peak unfurled the flag o’er Darwin’s rocky dales 65
Till like volcanoes flared to heaven the stormy hills of Wales,
Till twelve fair counties saw the blaze on Malvern’s lonely height,
Till streamed in crimson on the wind the Wrekin’s crest of light,
Till broad and fierce the star came forth on Ely’s stately fane,
And tower and hamlet rose in arms o’er all the boundless plain; 70
Till Belvoir’s lordly terraces the sign to Lincoln sent,
And Lincoln sped the message on o’er the wide vale of Trent;
Till Skiddaw saw the fire that burned on Gaunt’s embattled pile,
And the red glare on Skiddaw roused the burghers of Carlisle.'

The Armada Thomas Babington Macaulay