Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Nick Clegg changes his position

Tomorrow Nick Clegg makes his debut as Lib Dem leader at prime minister's questions. All our good wishes go with him, even if the media will give the occasion far more prominence than it really deserves.

Adam Boulton reveals that Nick has a plan to help him come over better on television:

the Lib Dem leader ... lacks a stature-building dispatch box to lean on. In fact a tall man (which Clegg is) can look somewhat lonely looming over his colleagues as he stands next to the gangway.

The Clegg camp have a cunning plan to make their man look more loved. Instead of sitting at the end of the front bench, he will sit 3 places in. That way when he stands he'll be surrounded by supportive MPs. The technical term for this is "doughnutting".

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Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Vince Cable was so ineffective in that spot he stood wasn't he!!!