Thursday, January 03, 2008

Introducing the Dirty Dozen

I am sure you all know and love the Golden Dozen feature on Liberal Democrat Voice. This is a weekly selection of the most popular postings from the Lib Dem blogosphere - based on click throughs from the Lib Dem Blogs aggregator - plus a few others of the compiler's choosing.

Well, the nice people who run Lib Dem Voice have asked me to edit a new feature called The Dirty Dozen.

This will appear on Lib Dem Voice towards the end of each month and consist of a dozen postings from Labour and Conservative blogs. There will be no objective criteria, as there are with the Golden Dozen: the editor's prejudices will be all.

I aim to keep a balance between pointing to interesting postings that we Lib Dems may have missed and laughing at the folly of our opponents. If you see any suitable posts on Labour or Tory blogs, please send me the link.

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