Friday, January 25, 2008

Lord Bonkers' Diary: Shane McGowan and Nick Clegg

My dinner guest at the Hall this evening is none other than the noted popular musician Mr Shane McGowan. Do you know him? He is an Old Boy of Westminster and his stage act involves his playing a drunken Irish folk musician. He goes to great lengths to make this impersonation convincing, dressing in a tramp’s clothes and even blacking his teeth. Away from the concert hall he is a very different character: after dinner he eschews my proffered Auld Johnston (that most prized of all Scottish malts) and asks instead for a pot of Orange Pekoe.

In an attempt to widen our new leader’s circle of acquaintance, I also invite Clegg along. Despite the fact that they attended the same school, it soon becomes clear that Clegg has no idea who McGowan is. Does the Old School tie count for nothing these days?

See Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday too.

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