Monday, January 07, 2008

Lib Dems up to 19 per cent in new Times poll

That's more like it. The first Populus poll for The Times in 2008 has just been published:
The poll, undertaken over the weekend, shows that the election of Nick Clegg as Liberal Democrat leader three weeks ago has given his party a three point boost to 19 per cent, all at the expense of the Tories, down three points to 37 per cent. Labour has remained almost unchanged, up a point at 33 per cent.
Later: See Peter Riddell's analysis too:
Despite the rise in Lib Dem support, the key finding for Mr Clegg is that about two fifths of voters do not yet know enough about him to take a clear view (compared with only 9 per cent for Mr Cameron and 5 per cent for Mr Brown). That is why not too much should be read into his initial leader index of 4.40, fractionally above the last one for Sir Menzies Campbell. But Mr Clegg’s rating among Lib Dem supporters of 6.5 is well above his precedessor’s last one of 5.63 in July.

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