Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gordon Brown gets lost at Sarkozy's state banquet

Or so Andrew Pierce claims in the Daily Telegraph:

Gordon Brown, who is hoping that the two day state visit by President Sarkozy would chart a new course in Anglo-French relations, lost his own sense of direction at the state banquet at Windsor Castle.

Amid the pomp and pageantry of the white tie occasion there was no sign of Mr Brown as the Queen and Mr Sarkozy took their places at the centre of the top table.

The Queen, who hosted the banquet for 150 guests, looked bemused and was overheard clearly saying: "Has the Prime Minister got lost?" after he failed to appear as scheduled.

Perhaps he forgot to bring his moral compass with him?


Anonymous said...

The movement towards greater respect and cooperation between Britain and France was certainly not helped by the Queen’s vicious and rather childish belittling of this country’s prime minister, in front of Sarkozy. Who is she really working for, the Germans?

Unknown said...

David Cameron's soundbite for next weeks PMQs has been provided by the Queen, watch this space...

Anonymous said...

The Queen should have whispered discretely to one of her courtiers to go and find him instead of humiliating the prime minister like that. Doesn't she have any common sense?