Thursday, March 06, 2008

Cann Hall Primary and the smiley faces

Blimey! In my day all we got was milk...

It is against the Bloggers' Code to use the phrase "Political Correctness gone mad" but sometimes it is tempting.

Cann Hall Primary School has been in the news today after using Acid House-style smiley faces to conceal the identities of pupil pictured on its website.

As ever, the voice of sanity comes from Frank Furedi. He is quoted by Metro:
"Every time a school takes silly measures, it says we see the world through the eyes of a paedophile."


asquith said...

"As ever, the voice of sanity comes from Frank Furedi"

Did you really say that? Do you seriously agree with what the Living Marxism/RCP/Spiked lot have to say?

Anonymous said...

I an with asquith on this one. The school in question is being stupid byt Frank Furedi ! Really! He and the rest of the RCP have become contrarians - whatever the supposed consensus is - they will oppose it not out of any principle or based on any facts but just for the sake of it.

Jonathan Calder said...

So which of Furedi's books have you two read?

I agree there is an element of being contrarian for the sake of it about Spiked, but it has fewer dud articles than, say, Comment is Free. I have even written a couple of articles for them myself.

And to dismiss a writer because he is part of something called "the Living Marxism/RCP/Spiked lot" is silly and lazy.