Thursday, March 13, 2008

Was Eliot Spitzer brought down by a Wall Street conspiracy?

Writing for The First Post, Alexander Cockburn thinks so - "above and beyond his own diligent efforts in the same cause".

Cockburn says:
It is clear that the federal investigators' probe started with Spitzer, not the prostitution ring. Spitzer's bank wire transfers led them to the Emperors Club, the call-girl business efficiently administered by a 23-year-old Blair Academy grad, Cecil Suwal, on behalf of her 62-year-old boyfriend, Mark Brener, from a high-rise in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, with fine views of Manhattan.
And tonight's Snowmail from Channel 4 News gets very excited about the affair too:
Elsewhere, the ripples from the prostitution ring in which the governor of New York was ultimately forced to resign as client number nine is extending its waves across the Atlantic to ensnare British clients. What was at first being investigated as an inter-state crime in America is now being investigated as an international crime and a number of British clients are shivering in their beds, or conceivable somebody else's.
One wealthy aristocrat has denied that he is client number six and assorted references have been pulled down off the web. However, other references to the same individual having used the services of Emperors Club VIP are still on the web.
Happy hunting! Adam Fresco in The Times will tell you more about the Emperors Club's London connection.


Anonymous said...

Oh Eliot.... what have you done?! A group card has been created for Eliot. Love him or hate him? Stop by and leave a personal message!

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

So I hear that when told that Eliot Spitzer had paid thousands of dollars for sex with a 22 year old prostitute Bill Clinton said: "What?!? Doesn't New York State have an intern program?"

Corruption Fighter said...

It is not about sex. It is about a Federal U.S. Attorney, and the chief prosecutor Attorney General for New York State doing business with Organized Crime for several years at the time when he was in charge of Organized Crime prosecutions. Spitzer protected the prostitution ring, and undoubtedly all of the other business interests of the neo-mafia which held dirt on him. If we want the truth, we'll need a Federal Special Prosecutor to examine the Spitzer crime family connections and Eliot's failures to prosecute criminal referrals.