Thursday, March 06, 2008

Quote of the Week

We have a royal winner. The prize goes to Prince Harry for his:
I generally don't like England that much.
That is a shame when you are third in line to the throne of England. Perhaps we should find someone else?

There was another strong candidate this week. Paul Holmes was widely quoted as defending his signing of a Commons motion congratulating Fidel Castro in the following terms:
"It is true Cuba has political prisoners and no free elections, but it has very good dentistry."
But the source for the quote appears to be the Daily Mail. As the paper does not say where or when he is supposed to have said the words, the judges could not consider it.

Unless you can help, of course.


dreamingspire said...

Not entirely worthy of you, Jonathan. Keep your fingers crossed that William quickly begets an heir and his own life is preserved. And let Harry live life to the full - he's doing a great job already, including highlighting the crisis in English society.

Jonathan Calder said...

What crisis? And how has Harry highlighted it?

Do not forget that the second son often ends up on the throne (Henry VIII, Charles 1, George VI).