Sunday, March 09, 2008

St Louis Union: English Tea

This Sunday's video is taken from that seminal 1966 movie The Ghost Goes Gear. Most of the acts featured in the film, apart from the Spencer Davis Group, are pretty ordinary, but the St Louis Union are really rather good. Groovy mod sounds.

St Louis Union were a Manchester band who had already enjoyed a top 20 hit with the Beatles' song "Girl". They had also won the 1965 Melody Maker National Beat Contest, beating - amongst many other groups - something called The Pink Floyd from Cambridge.

And, yes, that is Nicholas Parsons at the start of the clip. The other actor is Jack Haig, later to be a stalwart ("It is I, Leclerc") of 'Allo 'Allo.

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HE Elsom said...

Where's Robert Donat?

I have a horrible feeling I remember the posters for this. As I think you mentioned before, it was the second feature for One Million Years BC, so the upper two thirds of the poster had Raquel Welch in a hairy bikini and some hairy monsters (and possibly dinosaurs), while the lower third (roughly, the poster was divided by a diagonal flash) had some hairy pop singers with guitars. Or maybe I've hallucinated it and all the hairiness just says something about my psyche.