Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What is behind Bob Spink's sacking?

Or behind his resignation, depending whom you believe.

Greg Hurst thinks he knows:

Westminster sources said the origin of Dr Spink’s feud with local Tories lay in his affair with a former Conservative councillor, Gail Boland – the long-term partner of the local association’s deputy chairman, Bill Sharp.

Dr Spink uses his Commons staffing allowance to employ both his ex-wife Janet – who works from Dorset 150 miles from his constituency – and Mr Sharp and Ms Boland’s student daughter Ashleigh Sharp.

Since Dr Spink started his relationship with Ms Boland, he and Mr Sharp are said to have been involved in a bitter feud. Mr Sharp reported the MP to the Parliamentary Commissioner for standards, while Dr Spink has complained to the police of Mr Sharp’s “criminal harassment” and sought injunctions to restrain him.

In one incident – which also ended in a complaint to police – the MP complained that his adversary tried to trap him in a room while Mr Sharp, who ended up on the floor, claimed that Dr Spink had “decked him”.

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Luke Faceache has a different take on Iain Dale's blog.