Sunday, March 02, 2008

X-Ray Spex: Germfree Adolescents

This week's video features the punk diva Poly Styrene and a wonderfully bleak record from my first term at York. For some reason it always reminds me of the most dismal spot on the campus: Vanburgh College snack bar.
X-Ray Spex have their own website and this clip from The Punk Years is informative too.


Anonymous said...

Good to X Ray Spex... and on a fellow Lib Dem Blog..


Neil Taylor

(Trafford Lib Dems)

dreamingspire said...

York: were you there in Eric James time or before? (I experienced him in his earlier career, and excellent it was.)

Duncan Borrowman said...

I took part in the Rock Against Racism march from Trafalgar Square to Victoria Park in 1978, ending with the classic concert with The Clash, Sham 69,.Steel Pulse etc. About the first words I heard on entering the park were Poly screaming "Oh bondage, up yours!".