Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bonkers for President

It seems that my old friend Lord Bonkers has an American cousin who is also involved in poltics.

The Bonkers Institute for Nearly Genuine Research is an antipsychiatry site.

Explore it and you will find that:
Methodius Isaac Bonkers is the pseudonym of Ben Hansen, a mild-mannered writer and storyteller who lives in Traverse City, Michigan. In psychological terms, Dr. Bonkers is Mr. Hansen's alter ego; i.e., the two men are actually the same person, though each posesses a distinct personality and character traits
I know just how he feels.

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Ben Hansen said...

Greetings, and a tip of the hat from across the Atlantic!

Best regards,

Dr. M.I. Bonkers

Founder and President,
Institute for Nearly Genuine Research