Sunday, August 17, 2008

Charles Kennedy or Paddy Ashdown for Lib Dem President?

Atticus in the Sunday Times leads with the following item this morning:

Lembit Opik, Liberal Democrat MP and official boyfriend to the stars, is campaigning to be party president. Simon Hughes gives up the job later this year and the former lover of one or other of the Cheeky Girls has declared his interest.

He could face stiff competition. There has been talk in Lib Dem circles that Charles Kennedy, former party leader, might run for the job. Now it’s even being whispered that Kennedy’s predecessor, Lord Ashdown, will make a comeback.

Could this be an “Anyone but Lembit” campaign? “I couldn’t possibly comment,” says a senior Lib Dem MP (although not Lembit, obviously).

This blog supports Ros Scott. Goodnight.


Anonymous said...

I thought all blogs were supporting Ros Scott. Come on though; you can't really expect Times journalists to do basic research, can you?

Could be worse though. Simon Jenkins still writes for the Guardian.

P.S. - Ros Scott's fellah is lovely. I spent a pleasant evening chopping Correx boards off lampposts with him in Glasgow.

dreamingspire said...

This time of year can't expect any media to do basic research, as they have to maintain output despite a significant proportion of staff being on holiday. I had a dialogue with one channel last week over just such a failure, and a promise that they will do better after the holiday period...

Will said...

I know there are different interpretations of the constitution, but I'd still say Charles isn't eligible as he's already served two terms as President.