Monday, August 04, 2008

Lord Bonkers' Diary: "Eeh! I could write a shuttleworth!”


I was sorry to read of the death of the comic actor Hugh Lloyd: he was one of the Liberal Party’s celebrity supporters in the days when such creatures were indeed in short supply. What is now forgotten was that he had his own radio comedy – "Mind My Majority! – in which he played a hard-pressed agent.

Many young thespians – Maggie Smith, Albert Finney, Basil Brush, Rodney Bewes – first came to public notice in the show and, in its day, Lloyd’s catchphrases “Eeh! I could write a shuttleworth!” and “You’ll have the Acting Returning Officer to answer to!” were on the lips of every schoolchild.

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Radders said...

My recollection of the catchphrase was: "Eeh! I could knock up a shuttleworth."

Jonathan Calder said...

Did it have to be changed for the American version?