Thursday, August 28, 2008

The No. 5 Lib Dem blog

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the poll for the Liberal Democrat section of Guide to Political Blogging in the UK 2008-9.

The top five this year are:
  1. Lib Dem Voice
  2. People's Republic of Mortimer
  3. Norfolk Blogger
  4. Quaequam Blog
  5. Liberal England
Congratulations to Lib Dem Voice and everyone else. Iain Dale has the top 50.

In 2006 the Lib Dem list was chosen by Iain himself. I came fourth.

In 2007 it was chosen by a panel of Lib Dem bloggers. (I was not a member.) I came first.

Note that I was careful to add a caveat about this year's voting method in case I did not do so well. I'll have to think of something else to put at the top of this blog now.

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