Saturday, August 09, 2008

Authorities swoop on rogue penguins in Telford park

It's time to see how Shropshire is getting on without me. And it's not looking good.

From the Shropshire Star:
Two campaigners dressed as penguins were removed from Telford Town Park after being told they would need a criminal record check and risk assessment to hand out leaflets.
One of the penguins, Rachel Whittaker, 34, from Wellington said:
“It was only a fun thing. I was saying to people ‘Hello I’m a penguin and my ice cap has melted so I’ve ended up in Telford - can I give you a leaflet’. People were loving it.”
But officialdom was not to be moved:
“They have to be CRB checked and risk assessed under the Child Protection Act. There are a lot of children playing in the park at this time of year and we have a duty of care to them and our adult visitors.

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