Sunday, August 10, 2008

The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset

I seem to be stuck in the sixties at the moment, but there are worse places to be. So let's have what in most moods I regard as the best song of the decade. It is timeless yet also, with its references to "Terry and Julie" - usually assumed to be Terence Stamp and Julie Christie - entirely of the period.

The YouTube poster claims this is a live version, but it sounds remarkably like the single to me. But never mind if they are miming - I have always loved the way you think the bass is never quite going to get there in time, but it always does.

And those who say the songs from the shows were better, try listening to "London Pride" after this. It makes the Noel Coward song sound terribly false.

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Anonymous said...

Superb music, of course. Once, in the early 80s (in the US) a friend and I had a chance to briefly mert Ray. My friend was then (and is today even moreso) a somewhat hermitlike rock geek, so he literally froze up in front of Davies. Extremely embarassing for me, but Davies took it in stride and just quickly moved past my goggle-eyed friend. That sort of reaction was, I'd guess, very much in opposition to what the Kinks were--they were real, not idols, and that's where my friend missed the boat...