Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Great Snailbeach Railway Mystery

In the past I have reported two stories about the Snailbeach District Railways. The first said that there were plans to reopen the line. The second said that two of the scheme's prime movers had died in a car crash in Switzerland.

Both these reports were from the Shropshire Star, so I reasoned that they must be true.

But people have left comments on both postings suggesting the scheme is a hoax or a fantasy. One of those messages directed readers to a Yahoo group (SnailbeachOversight) devoted to this theory.

Intriguing. Liberal England will investigate further.

In the mean time, read the history of the line at the Colonel Stephens Railway Museum. And thanks to Secret Shropshire for the photograph, which shows the line gently decaying in 1961.


Anonymous said...

There is no hoax we are just not doing things fast enough and the railway's first stage is being opened as a private railway. This is because we have not been able to secure parking in Callow Lane. We make the start privately so the detractors say it is a hoax. Pity they have not got something better to do with their life.

W Johns at sdrailway dot com

Anonymous said...

Prove it with photos.

Anonymous said...

No pics = no railway I'd suggest.

Anonymous said...

... Note please that the statement "prove it with photos" is akin the 4chan mantra of "Pics or GTFO". These people in my mind, are the very basis of the internet.

Your logic is extremely skewed at best. I'm sorry you're so misguided.

Wayne, Ignore these people.. Do what in your mind is right.

- Steve

Anonymous said...

So do you believe that a valid Company would have it's accounts so far behind.
And a Company & Scheme that has removed it's webite from view?
Yes they give reasons, But copying and pasting has been resorted to by the snailbeach too. Double Standards????
And then to become a trust. I am also sure that snailbeach has posted on forums that they have recieved a grant already!!!!

And NOW offering £40,000 pa for a General Manager at a railway with no permanant way down... Or anything for that matter? How can this be? £40k is a lot for any railway let alone a brand new railway? Something not quite right there?

Anonymous said...

ooooops.. just found the link..

I quote
We have just received a substantial grant from a government department and wanted to know less than you suggest for $2.00 - but I have nothing to hide so I don't mind.
Read it here!

Post number 6

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps they have a lot of money in their coffers.

I'm going to assume that you know nothing about the SDRs financial status.

- Steve

Anonymous said...

As they are a Legal Limited Company. They have a Legal requirement to submit there accounts to Companies House.

So as they have not done this. No I dont know anything.

Anonymous said...

We do have legal accounts our accountants are PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Zurich. The landowners know our schedule down to the last detail. How can you post photographs of something that has yet to be built grow up. No project like this could be built in the timescale you expect. Plans have to be drawn up and plans have to be approved.

This company has never received nor applied for government grants do not cite fake posts here.

The only crime I see is the people who use this place and others like it to cause trouble for a legal company and try to act as knowledable persons about a subject they know nothing whatsoever. Armchair people get up off your rear ends and do something.

Our General Manager who will assist in construction is ex-WHR now speculate who can that be.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to post here and see my colleague Gustav has beat me to it. The is credited to me, the same as posts on other forums - I have not ever frequented any forums. I visited that nasty place that is supposed to support railway preservation and was told get out this is only for people wanting to raise money.

The money for the SDR revival has come from 'life-long' business associates in Switzerland where I lived for 29 years (I am now 64 and retired) I cashed in everything two years ago to build the SDR - never did I dream it would be such a nightmare. The people I am supposed to please are almost inhuman. Now I am asked to show photographs of a railway that is not built.

I have never claimed nor any director that the railway was built we have secured one piece of land from Tarmac and that is what we shall use for phase 1 eventually in time expanding in both directions. So who ever claimed we had built the railway is making a total fool of themselves and all those who listen.

The owners of the railway are a Swiss Company - the operators will be Snailbeach District Railways who at present has nothing to operate and will not until it takes over the finished phase 1. So as SDR UK is not trading what accounts as Gustav says grow up.

We have had enough of this illegal intimidation and we are reporting the various fora where we have been attacked to the appropriate authorities. Enough is enough - all we ask is let us get on with what we want to do. It is costing NO ONE any money only the backers so we will be the ones to cry if it fails NOT YOU lot who just want to criticize.

Like Gustav we are sick to death of all you detractors go and worry someone else. We are just two old men who want to build a railway not fight so-called enthusiasts for the right to build a railway.

Why not join us the real story will unravel over months to come - be part of it not against it. Our membership is totally free we do not have a begging bowl so you have nothing whatsoever to loose. We are the ones taking all the risks.

Anonymous said...

SDR has claimed in writing that they have paid 1.6 million pounds to Tarmac for land at Callow Hill. Tarmac has no knowledge of this so whose grasp of the truth is tenuous I wonder

Anonymous said...

"... Note please that the statement "prove it with photos" is akin the 4chan mantra of "Pics or GTFO". These people in my mind, are the very basis of the internet.

Your logic is extremely skewed at best. I'm sorry you're so misguided.

Wayne, Ignore these people.. Do what in your mind is right.

- Steve"

Steve, Do you by any chance mean "basest"? We're dealing with some strange and dare I say it; singleminded and cretinous people here and as such will most likely get slammed for it.

Steve, I think it can be safely said the people over at /b/ (4chan) are of a higher intelligence than these people... Although, that said; Snail/b/eachOversight does sound rather appealing.

Surely there's something else in the narrow gauge world that warrants more discussion, such as the Sittingbourne & Kemsley? Unless, of course you want to continue your bizarre game of "Cops and Robbers" and face the full legal consiquences of your admittedly infantile/obsessive actions.

- Jeorge

Anonymous said...


Just as a footnote.
Even Dormant Companies registered in the UK need to file Accounts.
The company you say you are is Not dormant.
It is a fully active company.
I am afraid that there will be some hefty fines comming your way..


Anonymous said...

Dormant company accounts were filled by our accountants on time and I have just been into our account at Companies House and everything is correctly inplace. Perhaps your legal qualifications are not up to what you want people to believe.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous where did you get this ditty: SDR has claimed in writing that they have paid 1.6 million pounds to Tarmac for land at Callow Hill. Tarmac has no knowledge of this so whose grasp of the truth is tenuous I wonder

Tarmac know of SDR's existance yes we did offer to buy the whole quarry but they were not interested. Just spoken to the Estates Manager he does not recall any conversation with any person other than SDR directors and lawyers regarding Callow Hill Quarry. Stop trying to impress people with your lack of knowledge. Where is your name.

Anonymous said...

Accounting Reference Date: 31/07
Last Accounts Made Up To: (NO ACCOUNTS FILED)
Next Accounts Due: 17/08/2008 OVERDUE
Last Return Made Up To: 01/08/2008
Next Return Due: 29/08/2009

Please note the OVERDUE part.
Nearly two months tut tut tut...
Legal Company? Yeah right.


Anonymous said...

You have made this up like the other rubbish according to the Companies account page for SDR Co Ltd accounts were submitted July 31st by a company in Reading. What are you trying to do create lies - lets stick to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous don't need you to stand up for us against these detractors - thanks anyway

Order no: 1226506 11/7/2008
11:22:58 Yes Annual Return Filing Service

This is a copy of the invoice details this was made by electronic registration with Companies House.

This is just another of the Snailbeach know it all's from SbOv that know more than the directors at SDR. Do not worry our day will come, sooner than these people think.

Anonymous said...

The annual return & Accounts
are different.
Calling me a lier is libellious.
I know who you are!


Anonymous said...

Both have been filed I know who you are also even though you hide behind my tag. Like the rest of the anonymous post these are just trouble making. You really do not know what you are talking about as we do not share the workings of our company with the like of you - go away and trouble someone else. Sensible people are not taken in by your wild accusations.

Anonymous said...

All this intimidation has got totally out of hand, I am requesting that my fellow director nor anyone connected with SDR make any further posts.

Additionally we are handing the matter of this intimidation over to the police as all reports here and elsewhere are based on pure speculation none based on fact.

The Internet is not the place to act as judge and jury which these anonymous people seem to think they have the right to do. The SDR is set up as a legal company and unless proven otherwise we have the right to trade as we think fit. If anyone loses money it will be down to the directors as no members money or grant money has been given or used so we are the only losers.

Remember anonymous you may be but no doubt if push come to shove Google would provide the IP addresses which would lead to the identity of the posters to the appropriate authorities.

Anonymous said...

If I may.
None of my above posts have been
Intimidating or Threatining.
There is one fact that I am trying to get accross.
I have contacted Companies House
with regards to the accounts of
And as per my previous posts I am trying to get accross the fact that your Accounts are overdue.
This pure fact and nothing else.
Also let it be known that all details are available for ALL registered companies on the internet.
And I feel that as we have never communicated other than this Blog all I will say is that I am a person with Great Interest in the Snailbeach. And being told that I am a Lier a detractor, singleminded, cretinous and that I am from SbOv.
(I have just asked to join to see what it is!), is not on.
I only know who you are because of what it says on the Companies House website.

LegalMan (ES)

Anonymous said...

Quoted From

Chapter 4
What you have to send to Companies House

Company directors and secretaries are responsible for submitting information to the Registrar. There are over 200 forms that companies can file. The following information deals only with the most common forms and documents that companies will use. You can submit most of the following information online via WebFiling or electronically using a suitable Software Filing package. For more information please visit our website

1. Accounts

All companies, whether trading or not, must keep accounting records: and all limited companies (and some unlimited companies) must submit accounts for each accounting period to Companies House.

Generally, accounts prepared by the directors must include:

a directors' report (with a business review if the company does not qualify as small);
an auditors' report (unless the company is a small, dormant or not-for-profit public-sector company exempt from audit);
a profit and loss account (or income and expenditure account if the company is not trading for profit);
a balance sheet signed by a director;
notes to the accounts; and
group accounts (if appropriate).
Quoted public companies must also prepare a directors’ remuneration report.
Not all companies need to submit these to Companies House: there are different rules for small, medium-sized, unquoted and quoted companies.

Note - this guide cannot go into the detailed information that these documents must contain - for this see the Companies Act 2006 and the relevant regulations.

Our guidance on, 'Accounts and Accounting Reference Dates', provides more information on preparing and filing accounts and about exemptions from filing, but cannot go into the detailed information that these documents must contain - for this you need to look at the relevant legislation. You may also consider consulting an accountant for advice.

You can submit audit-exempt accounts, abbreviated accounts and dormant company accounts (DCA) online. If a company is able to submit accounts online the balance sheet must containthe company authentication code in place of the director’s signature that would be required on paper accounts. For more information on availability and registration details please visit our website

Directors are personally responsible for preparing accounts and submitting to Companies House. Failure to do so may result in a criminal conviction and record for the director(s) and will result in financial penalties for the company.
2. Annual returns (Form 363)

Every company must deliver an annual return to Companies House at least once every 12 months. It has 28 days from the date to which the return is made up to do this. All companies must pay an annual document-processing fee of £30 with the annual return (or £15 for users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services.

Do not confuse the annual return with the annual accounts as they are different documents both of which you must file at Companies House.

There is a change to the information you must give about the company shareholders for annual returns with a made up date of 1st October 2008 or later. For more information about the changes to the annual return, refer to our 'Annual Return' guidance.

To help you meet your filing requirement we will send a letter to your company’s registered office to remind you when your annual return is due. It advises on how to file the form electronically by using our Software Filing or WebFiling services as this is the easiest option. If you do not have the facility to file online you can order a paper copy of the annual return from our Contact Centre on 0303 123 4500.

LegalMan (ES)

Anonymous said...

What a waste of cyber space we have a web filing account at CH. These accounts have been filed back in July. I have spoken to CH this morning and everything that needs be is filed so what more do you want. You are trying to make SDR look like it is run by a bunch of novices. I have been in business since 18 years old I am now 64 I do know my way around. I think your posts are intimidating as you are saying we are not run as a proper legal company and hiding behind an anonymous button. The registered address you foolishly broadcast is a solicitors and they are less pleased placing it on a public site.

Put up and shut up - if we are going to make mistakes that is our fault not yours, and I don't need you to tell me. I have not called you a cretin, nor has Gustav. The owner of SbOv has lost it and live a Jekyll and Hyde existance in Layayette, he does not care what is said he is safe but remember all the poor souls that follow him are in the UK and many of the posts he incites are libelous and maybe criminally intimidating I will let tyhe appropriate authorities decide.

Please do not post up any more of your usless advice I do know and pay advisors to tell me.

Jonathan Calder said...

As this thread is now generating more heat than light, I am disabling further comments on this posting.

I shall have a look at the old railway next time I am in Snailbeach and report back.

Jonathan Calder said...

Closing this thread has resulted in an outbreak of comments elsewhere, so I have decided to reopen it.

R. Sole said...

So, anyone know the latest news? Has work started onsite? Have any company accounts been submitted to Companies House yet?

Inquiring minds want to know.