Saturday, February 15, 2014

Six of the Best 420

Kiron Reid looks at how the experiment of elected police and crime commissioners is faring one year on.

The government's own figures show that the case for the badger cull was exaggerated, reports Peter Black.

"Sprawl has trapped many Americans in poverty: Unable to afford a car, maintenance, insurance, and gasoline, they cannot get from their suburban homes to jobs." Ben Adler on Grist argues that we can make cities greener and more equal at the same time.

"In 70s uncool Leicester, Silver Arcade with its arty/studenty clothes shops made me feel a bit more 'happening'."  Middle Aged of Middle England visits the reopened Silver Arcade in Leicester.

Retronaut takes us back to HMV's flagship Oxford Street store in the 1960s.

English Buildings goes to Dinton in Buckinghamshire and finds a set of stocks in the church.

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