Saturday, February 08, 2014

Nick Clegg: We need to rethink the drugs war

An encouraging article from the deputy prime minister in tomorrow's Observer:
I want to end the tradition where politicians only talk about drugs reform when they have left office because they fear the political consequences. This has stifled debate and inhibited a proper examination of our approach. 
We need to bring this issue out into the open and to be led by the evidence of what works. We owe it to our young people, to the families torn apart by addiction and to the states that look to us for leadership and advice. We can help countries such as Colombia break the stranglehold of the drug lords once and for all. 
The choice we have to make now is how we do things differently. Repeating the mistakes of the past is not the way to solve this problem in the future. Put simply, if you are anti-drugs, you should be pro-reform.

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World Innovation Foundation Blog said...

Clegg and all our politicians operate under a cloak of deceit when it comes to the British people when it comes to addressing the growing hard drug addiction epidemic in the UK and where it is now the official drug capitol of the EU. In this respect they have known since 2004 about the humane 'CURE' from Vietnam that had now been introduced into their NHS. The reason for this is that behind closed doors (most probably in Downing Street) our political leaders with the giant pharmaceutical companies have blocked its introduction because it would hit the bottom-line considerable, as their 'maintenance' system (not a curative system) based on Methadone et al, would be wiped out. Therefore the government would rather pay out billions every year of taxpayer's funds in supporting this utterly stupid strategy of maintenance that affects over 3 million British people directly and indirectly by the family suffering also whilst their loved ones are addicted. In a modern world how can this be possible, but it is.
The strategy that government stopped and that would get 100s of thousands off class 'A' drugs is

Clegg does not realise that 'big' pharma wants class 'A' drugs legislation to be relaxed as then they would have more business coming in with so-called treatments and not cures - increased profits. For drug companies are in the business of treatments and not cures, as if they produced cures, they would kill the fattened calf that produces billions every year in revenues. Basically they are not in the business of cutting their shareholder's throats and even where it would stop the suffering of millions.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation