Friday, February 21, 2014

Six of the Best 422

"It seems very much to be the old Strathclyde’s way or no way at all. That’s a huge mistake. Policing needs in Glasgow are totally different from policing needs in the Highlands and Islands. What next? Tasers in Achiltibuie?" Caron's Musings dissects the paradoxical centralising tendencies of the SNP.

A debate between Nick Clegg and Nigel Farage would be well worth watching, thinks Neil Monnery.

Politics for Novices is not pleased that a group of local businesses is creating a new CCTV system.

"Nairn floated gloriously free of the style wars that periodically consume British architecture, offering instead a passion for buildings and places." Icon Magazine reviews "Ian Nairn, Words in Place" by Gillian Darley and David McKie.

"I could sit occasionally with my pint in the Victoria Bar watching decay set in and wondering when the closure announcement was to be made, but we all know it didn't happen like that." Mike Horne on the transformation of Marylebone station.

IanVisits takes us to Victoria Street in London, where another five floors are being excavated beneath existing office buildings.

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