Monday, February 03, 2014

Lib Dem MEP fights to save the BBC's fake Chagall

I enjoy Fake or Fortune? - it's a painless way of learning about art history. But I imagine that the people who provided last week's painting were rather taken aback when they learnt that, thanks to the BBC, they face having it destroyed.

On reflection, though, I think this sort of jeopardy could improve a lot of BBC formats. You can still take your Troika or Clarice Cliff to Flog It!, but if it fails to reach its reserve at auction Paul Martin will smash it while making a weak pun.

Anyway, the Liberal Democrat MEP Edward McMillan-Scott is doing his best to save the fake Chagall. According to he has written to the internal markets commissioner Michel Bernier to plead for a stay of execution.
"I write to ask you to protect my constituent's rights in this matter by asking the Chagall Committee to take no action while some less drastic solution is found," he wrote. 
"At the very least, the picture may be evidence in a future criminal proceedings."
Meanwhile, you can read about the genuine Chagall windows at All Saints, Tudeley.

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