Sunday, February 23, 2014

Pink Floyd: See Emily Play

This was Pink Floyd's second single and in 1967 it reached number six in the UK singles chart. The band has visited the top 20 of that chart only once since - that was with the remarkable success of Another Brick in the Wall (part II) in 1979.

Backwatersman once pointed out that:
Although this song was written and sung by Roger “Syd” Barrett, he is sadly absent from this clip, filmed in Belgium while he was incapacitated.
A sage observer of the game, he also had some stern things to say about the cricketing skills on show:
Some of Leicestershire’s younger batsmen (J. Cobb for instance) might like to observe the inevitable consequence of trying to play a lofted straight drive whilst gazing at the heavens. Nick Mason should also be made aware that the practice of taking a catch with a hat has been illegal since the nineteenth century, and results in the award of five runs to the batting side.

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