Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Six of the Best 421

Mark Pack reports that the police have been called in amid claims of “fabricated allegations” and a “smear campaign” over Haringey Labour candidate selections.

"Water cannon in London would be a 'big mistake,' warns pensioner blinded by them" - David Churchill's report in the Evening Standard.

"Remarkably unreported this month ... is that four of private work provider A4e’s staff who ripped off the taxpayer and lone parents have pleaded guilty to 30 acts of fraud and forgery." David Hencke has the story.

"Just as child porn is used to justify broader porn filters, beheading videos appear to be the magic bullet into scaring people into accepting filters that move well beyond porn. According to the BBC, government-funded operations within the counter-terrorism referral unit will soon order UK broadband ISPs like TalkTalk, Virgin Media and BSkyB to expand filters to include websites declared to be promoting terrorism." TechDirt on the  government's "futile and ham-fisted attempts to purge the Internet of all of its rough edges".

Mario Kaiser writes for Guernica on the power of silence, submission to force-feeding, and the first suicides in Guantánamo.

The Walbrook Discovery Programme studies one of London's lost rivers.

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