Monday, August 04, 2014

Becket's Well, Northampton

In October 1164 Thomas Becket was put on trial at Northampton Castle and convicted for contempt of royal authority and malfeasance.

Fearing the consequences, and further charges possibly including treason, he fled to France. He returned in 1170, only to be martyred in Canterbury Cathedral.

Legend has it that, while fleeing Northampton, he stopped to drink at this well. It is certain an ancient well, but there is no evidence for this connection beyond local tradition.

Today you will find Becket's Well beside the Bedford Road. Its Gothic surround is not medieval but was put up by the town's mayor in 1843. Inside you will find modern mosaics depicting scenes from Becket's life.

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Anonymous said...

Load of rubbish. No proof of any link to Becket.