Saturday, August 09, 2014

Six of the Best 456

Mark Pack has the first leaflets from the candidates hoping to be the next president of the Liberal Democrats.

"We were taken off the plane and bundled into cars. Hoods were pulled over my parents' heads. Libyans forced my mother, sister and I into one car, my brothers and father another. The convoy drove to a secret prison outside Tripoli, where I was certain we were all going to be executed." The CIA must tell the truth about my rendition at 12 years old, says Khadija al-Saadi on Gawker.

Londonist explains how London rivers got their names.

"On a summer’s afternoon, the scrubland hums and buzzes with the sounds of insects: crickets and grasshoppers hidden within plain sight, bees flitting between one cerise crown of buddleia to another, fish in their hundreds flirting close to the surface of the Irwell – their gleaming backs in the dark expanse below like stars in the night." Hayley Flinn visits Pomona, the lost island of Manchester, for the Guardian.

Episode 37 of A Podcast to the Curious looks at M.R. James's ghost story "Wailing Well" - and casts some light on the genesis of that Glee Club favourite "Woad".

The Downstairs Lounge on the 1962 performance that revived Frankie Howerd's career.

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