Saturday, August 09, 2014

The rapid decline in Lord Janner's health

Last month the Mirror told us that:
A Labour peer facing more than 20 allegations of historical child abuse looks set to avoid prosecution after doctors said he was unfit to be quizzed because he has dementia.
Today's Daily Mail confirms that the peer in question is Lord Janner, who as Greville Janner was for many years a Labour MP in Leicester. Lord Janner has strongly denied such allegations whenever they have been put to him.

The Mail tells us that:
It is believed that the Labour peer’s poor health, he suffers advanced dementia, has prevented officers from speaking to him.
This advanced dementia must have come upon Lord Janner quickly, as his page on They Work for You shows that he took part in votes in the upper house quite regularly until late last year.

Lord Janner's London home was searched by Leicestershire Police just before Christmas and he has not been well enough to attend the Lords since.
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Phil Beesley said...

As a Leicester MP, Greville Janner was never popular. Jim Marshall was popular -- useless but a nice bloke with a competent constituency office. Keith Vaz is a remarkable politician, but he is a man who could only be loved by his mother. If that.

Janner's "creepiness" was known in Leicester. Janner tales spread as pub gossip. That "Jew Janner" was, perhaps still is, a common expeletive in pubs. Along with a bucket load of anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

Heard The Janner allegations back then But he was a good local Mp.people re-writing history.We heard the allegations but if you had a problem and you contacted him he did his job.People saying he was a bad MP is wrong he helped my late mum every time.Vaz only helps is own and Patricia hewitt was a waste of time.

Blogger said...

So previous commenters think Janner should not be challenged about abusing kids because 1) He is a Jew and 2) He was a 'good' MP.

Its good to know the mentality of his supporters!

Phil Beesley said...

Paul Perrin might wish to consider that when I commented about Greville Janner, my words were not about the accusation. My words were about the former MP and his reputation. Talking about Greville Janner does not make me a supporter, unless the observer is profoundly stupid. said...

Hear, hear.

Matthew Harris said...

I hold no brief for Greville Janner, but if he was such an unpopular MP, then why did he hold his seat at so many elections? His father, Barnett Janner, was MP for the same seat for many years before Greville Janner.