Saturday, August 16, 2014

The BBC, Jimmy Savile and Cliff Richard

In view of the BBC's enthusiasm for live broadcasting the police search of Cliff Richard's flat, it is worth reminding ourselves of how they reacted when allegations were made against someone closer to home.

Here is the statement it originally thought was an adequate response to the case of Jimmy Savile:
The BBC has conducted extensive searches of its files to establish whether there is any record of misconduct or allegations of misconduct by Sir Jimmy Savile during his time at the BBC. No such evidence has been found. 
Whilst the BBC condemns any behaviour of the type alleged in the strongest terms, in the absence of evidence of any kind found at the BBC that corroborates the allegations that have been made, it is simply not possible for the corporation to take any further action.

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Whilst Lord Bonkers is a paid up member of the establishment, an establishment that indulges in smoke and mirrors deflection tactics, he is to be congratulated on this post. However we will never discover the truth whilst the gatekeepers are patently corrupt. They've been corrupt since the 1970s. If you have an untrustworthy media reporting on an untrustworthy establishment (police, judiciary, politicians, child protection officers) then it's all just smoke and mirrors.

Anonymous said...

And the Lib Dem response on the Cyril Smith front?

If you think the BBC's handling of the Cliff Richard story was poor (and I agree), you can and should criticise that handling on its own merits. But bringing up other similar cases is tantamount to ad hominem, and something we can all do about an increasingly wide range of institutions. Play the ball, not the man.