Thursday, August 07, 2014

The palace of a footballer's wife or Russian oligarch in Northampton

When walking the streets of Northampton you do not expect to come across a building you simply cannot believe.

The palace of a footballer's wife or a Russian oligarch?

No, this appears to be a new facility built by the mental health charity St Andrew's Healthcare on the site of the old Cliftonville Middle School.



patrick murray said...

St Andrew's is a nationally leading mental health charity and the new building is very much in keeping with the setting of the hospital. There are actually quite a few interesting buildings around certain parts of Northampton, mostly dating from when the town was wealthy from the boot and shoe trade. It's just ruined by architectural vandalism from the 60s, an inordinate amount of betting shops in the town centre, and an appallingly stupid Council.

Anonymous said...

It isn’t a new building it was opened in December 2010. It is more visible from the road now that the old Cliftonville School has been demolished.