Saturday, August 30, 2014

Six of the Best 461

"The debate until now has been civilized - if shallow, dishonest and misguided. Divorces usually only get nasty when the lawyers are called in. If we call in the lawyers on September 19th, you can bet that there will be a backlash - much that we have taken for granted will be lost and bitterness and rancour will inevitably emerge - even in the most civilized divorces much is regretted." Cicero's Songs pleads with his fellow countrymen to reject Scottish independence.

Elwyn Watkins on Liberal Democrat Voice describes how one community in Rochdale took control to protect its children and young people.

Freethinking Economist makes some surprising discoveries in a biography of Roy Jenkins.

Who was Captain Swing? LibrarianShipwreck explains.

"Cook's presence at the top of the order - at least a Cook as demonstrably out of form as this - is impeding their hopes of progress." George Dobell on Cricinfo calls for changes to England's one-day international side.

Talking of cricket, the Lord's site shows us some weird and wonderful items from the MCC Museum (including Bob Wyatt's hip joint).

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