Monday, August 18, 2014

Six of the Best 458

Lincoln Cathedral
John Prescott is widely regarded as one of the funniest politicians on Twitter. But, asks Peter Black, is he really responsible for his own Twitter feed?

"As I plod through my 20s, I've noticed a strange phenomenon: The music I loved as a teenager means more to me than ever—but with each passing year, the new songs on the radio sound like noisy nonsense." Mark Joseph Stern writes about the psychological basis of musical nostalgia for Slate.

The flooding of Mesolithic Doggerland and the emergence of Lincolnshire are mapped by Caitlin Green.

"The tiger stalked its way into the street where a curious boy, around nine years of age, reached out to stroke the back of the strange creature that had appeared before him. In an instant, the tiger whirled and gripping the boy’s shoulder in his jaws, ran off down the street in the direction of the docks." The East End explains the existence of a statue to be found near the entrance to Tobacco Dock.

Different Shades of Green watches Tom Abell make an impressive debut for Somerset.

Jennie Rigg has a recipe for an extremely boozy bread and butter pudding.

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