Monday, February 23, 2015

Abuse inquiry into former Leicestershire home for sick children

Last summer there was an investigation into an allegation that Jimmy Savile had abused a child at Roecliffe Manor, a convalescent home at Woodhouse Eaves in Leicestershire.

That investigation could not substantiate the allegation, but suggested that sexual abuse probably had taken place there.

Now comes news that a police investigation into the home, which closed in 1969, has been launched.

There is a danger, I suppose, that Savile will become a sort of folk devil, supposed to have turned up at homes and hospitals all over the country and abused people. As today's news suggests, there was plenty of abuse where he was not involved.

But it should be remembered that turning up at homes and hospitals is one of the things that the BBC paid him to do in a programme called Savile's Travels.

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