Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Six of the Best 494

"At its best liberalism means the defence of the weak and the promotion of universal human dignity. At its worst it can be camouflage for avoiding difficult choices. In the face of the lethal threat posed by Mr Putin, please let it be the former." Wise words from Matthew Green.

Frankie Boyle offers unexpectedly wise words too: "We have given taking offence a social status it doesn't deserve: it's not much more than a way of avoiding difficult conversations."

It doesn't take a genius to realise that Christian Grey is a domestic abuser, says Beth Penny.

Musings of a Young Londoner writes on the threat to the English National Opera.

Londonist explains how the city's sex comedies saved British cinema.

But that didn't stop Kathleen Wood publishing Escape to London, a terrible warning to girls tempted to run away to the capital, in 1977. London Sound Survey will tell you all about it.

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