Sunday, February 15, 2015

No gritting for White Grit

Heather Kidd, the Liberal Democrat councillor for Chirbury and Worthen, has been making waves in the Shropshire Star.

According to the paper, she has:
accused the authority of overlooking the county's hillier rural parts where the recent snow had lingered once the ice had melted in towns. 
She said in particular the village of Priest Weston had not seen a school bus for three weeks due to a combination of roadworks and a lack of arrangements to grit the roads. ... 
Councillor Kidd said: "The recent blast of wintery weather came and went quite quickly for most of the county. 
"But for much of the Bentlawnt, White Grit and Priest Weston area the snow and ice lingered much longer. 
"Unfortunately the council seemed to have forgotten much of the area when it came to gritting."
I knew this photograph would come in useful one day.

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