Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Six of the Best 493

"I’m not going to claim that previous Lib Dem general election campaigns were examples of unalloyed genius in political campaigning, but they at least gave people something positive to latch on to as a promise of better days to come. Now, there’s no one doing that, and instead the election is threatening to turn into a series of dull people reading out PowerPoint slides comprised entirely of the dullest buzzwords possible, then wondering why all the audience has slipped out to go to the pub." Where is the hope? asks Nick Barlow.

Catherine Bearder shows that Ukip's position on halal and kosher meat is about stoking division, not animal welfare

Shropshire Council is right to face down government and developers on affordable housing rules, says one of its Liberal Democrat members Andy Boddington.

Kristie Dean visits Fotheringay, the birthplace of Richard III.

While Tom Bolton visits Ratcliff, one of the many lost hamlets of London.

Charlie Brooker and Chris Morris’s 2005 TV series was a comedy about a ludicrous ‘self-facilitating media node’ in east London. But, argues Andrew Harrison, 10 years on, it looks more like a documentary about the future,


Squirrel Nutkin said...

I think I like the sound of old Ratcliff:

“In beastliness I think it surpasses Cologne with its seven and thirty stenches, or even Bristol or a Welsh town.”

But that may be nostalgia for my years in Bristol and numerous visits to Welsh towns

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks, Nutkin. I have bought Tom Bolton's book on the strength of that post.