Monday, February 16, 2015

Liberal Democrats ahead of Ukip in latest opinion poll

Last month, commenting on a some brave predictions from Stephen Tall, I wrote:
Looking at recent opinion polls, I too have been wondering whether the Lib Dems might not outpoll Ukip. It has to be said, though, that this has more to do with the steady slippage of Ukip support than any great surge for us.
Further evidence that this may happen came this afternoon in the shape of an opinion poll from ICM.

You can find the results on the Guardian website, though it does not find the fact that the Lib Dems have stormed to third place worthy of comment.

The figures are:

Conservative - 36
Labour - 32
Lib Dems - 10
Ukip - 9
Green - 7
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
It's just one poll, of course, but let's not forget that, despite the party's triumph at the last Euro elections, many commentators expected Ukip's vote to collapse in the run up to the general election. Maybe it will after all.


Unknown said...

What planet are the Libdems living on? They will be lucky to hang on to a single one of their seats.

James said...

What planet is Mark Davies living on? UKIP will be lucky to hang on to both of their seats!

Anonymous said...

In fairness every other poll has put the Lib Dems well behind UKIP. Probably an outlyer.

My bet? Probably around 20 Lib Dem MPs in areas where the party is still campaigning strongly. Locally, you might even see the party hang on to Hinckley and Bosworth council.

But in other areas there is evidence that support has fallen off a cliff.

I can't think of a single Lib Dem MP who is actually safe. Alexander and Clegg are almost certainly toast. And I won't miss them.