Monday, February 02, 2015

Natalie Bennett should beware the sharp elbows of Caroline Lucas

I have a soft spot for Natalie Bennett. She and I used both to be members of the team that took turns to host the Britblog Roundup.

But her performance on the Sunday Politics the other week has led some to wonder whether the Green Party would do better to field Caroline Lucas in the leaders' debates later this year.

And Natalie should be careful, because Caroline Lucas has sharp elbows and previous form.

Brighton Pavilion was the Greens' best prospect of a gain at the last general election largely because a local activist called Keith Taylor had built it up.

Then in 2007 Lucas descended on the town, professed her "admiration and respect" for Taylor and took the nomination from him.
Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice
If she expresses her admiration and express for the Green' current leader, Natalie really will be in trouble.


Nick said...

Is this the political version of the Chairman's vote of confidence in the manager?

Anonymous said...

Lucas is just what the Greens need. It is not enough to be nice to become an MP. You have to be determined and ambitious too.