Saturday, February 07, 2015

Six of the Best 492

Anne Applebaum has a theory: "The real division in Europe is between what I would call established, integrationist politics and isolationist, nationalist politics."

"Standards are also being undermined as top-down management enforcement, driven by (increasingly tainted) benchmark data, crowds out that sense of professional responsibility and autonomy that is at the root of creativity in research as well as teaching." Stop treating universities as if they were a football game, says Peter Scott.

Ken Murray looks at the way doctors face death - and it's rather differently from rest of us.

Adam Curtis’ new film Bitter Lake contains plenty of interesting material but is undermined by a compulsion toward epicness, argues Matter of Facts.

Outlook from the Hutch offers some observations on ageing and religion.

"You never know who you will meet. Life stories are told and toothless old women help Boden ladies dry their Boden clothes, ex-convicts fold other people’s dry washing so that the old man from round the corner can get his ancient, high-waisted trousers dried with the minimum of fuss." Biff Raven-Hill on the appeal of laundrettes.

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