Saturday, May 09, 2015

Amusing advice from journalists to the Liberal Democrats

It is going to take a while for us Liberal Democrats to adjust to our new situation.

And it seems that the same is true of political journalists. Here are two comments on the party which made me smile today.

First, the usually admirable George Parker on the Financial Times site:
But Mr Farron, odds on favourite for the leadership in a small field, is regarded with suspicion by Mr Clegg’s supporters, who fear he would lead the party back to its comfort zone of opposition.
I fear that, whoever the new leader is, the party has been led back to the comfort zone of opposition before he takes office.

And then there was this tweet from the deputy web editor at the New Statesman:
I have blogged in support of all-women shortlists myself, but I am not sure they are the party's most pressing problem facing the party this weekend.

Still, if only Anoosh could have told us the 8 seats out of 57 that we were going to hold in this election, we could have made sure we had women candidates in the right places.

You have to laugh, even if its only hysteria.

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