Sunday, May 17, 2015

Six of the Best 511

"I don't understand the point of a political party that doesn’t learn from its mistakes, and while I can understand why many aren’t really excited by the prospect of introspection right now, someone has to do it." James Graham points to three things the Lib Dems could have done to avoid the disaster of 7 May.

The Liberal Democrat leadership election will be closer than we all think, says Craig Dearden-Phillips.

Above the Law asks why copyright law has made the best version of Star Wars illegal.

Dennis Potter would have been 80 today. Love and Garbage pays tribute to him.

Anne Wagner visits Salt and Silver, the exhibition of early photography at Tate Britain.

"The players coming in during the next few years come from a generation deprived of free to air cricket. This generation will have come in on the echoes. Soon it will be a privileged generation: in the main sons/daughters of club cricketers and sons of parents able to afford a very expensive education, or sons able to win scholarships to such institutions." Down at Third Man fears for the future of English cricket.

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