Saturday, May 30, 2015

Six of the Best 514

The government has gone full cockwomble on the Psychoactive Substances Bill, argues The Domestic Extremist.

"Do you know the first point I remember our values being defended, espoused, passionately and movingly during this campaign? Nick's resignation speech." Kevin McNamara, who fought Ealing North, dissects the Liberal Democrat general election campaign,

Dominic Collard is one of the twelfty million who have joined the Lib Dems since the general election.

"Sub-national government in the form of combined urban authorities and county regions headed by DEEMs will be more easily manipulated by central government than would be a system of local government." George Jones makes the case against directly elected executive mayors.

"Children are not projects, nor are they hothouse orchids, but they seem to be increasingly treated as such by anxious and well-meaning parents who are highly invested in outcomes." Bracing good sense on the value of boredom from Lori Day.

Clarendon Spark has some then and now photographs of the Leicester suburb of Clarendon Park.

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