Monday, May 04, 2015

Harborough's Labour candidate backed the death penalty

The other day, when it was revealed that Ukip's candidate for Harborough had spent part of the campaign on holiday in Florida, Labour's candidate Sundip Meghani was outraged:
"Standing for election to the House of Commons is not a joke or something you do in your spare time. "... It is a disgrace."
I suggested when the story broke that Meghani was being ungrateful. Let me explain why.

Meghani first came to this blog's notice as one of two Leicester Labour councillors to back the death penalty.

He said in August 2011:
It's a complicated issue but I'm in favour of capital punishment in some circumstances. I think it may be wrong to restrict the death penalty solely to the murderers of children and police, because that gives some lives more value than others. But multiple killers should be eligible for execution."
I doubt that went down well in Labour circles, but Meghani and Barbara Potter did find one supporter in Leicester Mercury:
Isn't it refreshing that two elected Labour councillors can express an opinion? Well obviously not? 
I thought the days of Comrade Blair were long gone but obviously they haven't. 
As a Conservative voter at the last election I applaud Labour Councillors Meghani and Potter for their honest and forthright opinions. 
How can the Labour Party discipline councillors who are closer to the electorate than they ever will be for expressing an opinion (Mercury, September 7)? 
I am a firm believer that the death penalty is a solution to serious crimes and the weak Liberal Democrats are not helping this country with their wet human rights attitude. 
Mark Hunt, Oadby
And the writer of that letter must surely be the Mark Hunt who is fighting Harborough for Ukip (when he is not on holiday in Florida.

I wonder if Mr Meghani is comfortable with the supporters his views attract?

Incindentally, his fellow enthusiast for the noose, Barbara Potter, has had her own problems with the law.

She is currently standing as an independent candidate for mayor of Leicester while wearing an electronic tag.

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