Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Six of the Best 513

"Britain's main liberal party is probably about to elect an evangelical Christian as its leader. If you're someone who follows US politics, you may want to read that sentence back a couple of times to check you got it right." Christian Today on Tim Farron's faith and politics.

Martin Petts is supporting Tim, but he wants to see a second leadership election soon - one where the candidates do not have to be MPs.

"There was general agreement across broad divides of opinion that Snowden - love him or hate him - had changed the landscape; and that change towards transparency, or at least 'translucency' and providing more information about intelligence activities affecting privacy, was both overdue and necessary." Duncan Campbell reports from the Ditchley House conference on intelligence, security and privacy.

Jonathan Freedland pays tribute to Tony Judt.

Spitalfields Life photographs some of the area's buildings, 40 years after Dan Cruickshank led a campaign to save them.

The Leicester Mercury has a feature on the city's lost railway stations.

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