Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Seven MPs elected at the 1955 general election are still with us

Today is the 60th anniversary of the 1955 general election, won by the Conservatives under Anthony Eden.

The BBC Politics channel has announced that it will be showing the results programme this evening (though it is currently showing a live feed from Stormont).

Discussion on Twitter day seems to have concluded that seven MPs elected in 1955 are still with us:
John Eden (the nephew of Anthony Eden) and James Ramsden were already MPs, having both been elected at byelections the previous year.

Robin Chichester-Clark was one of the few members representing a Northern Ireland constituency to be a British government minister since the Government of Ireland Act 1920 - his PPS was Norman Tebbit.

When he was elected Tom Mitchell was serving a sentence in HM Prison Belfast following an IRA raid on British Army barracks in Omagh, County Tyrone.

Thanks in particular to @ConHistGrp and @AmIRightSir on Twitter.

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